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A Land Rover Photo Archive

A variety of different NA Land Rovers

General: In mid 1996 Rod Steele started collecting photos of Land Rovers. Gathering in pictures from LR enthusiasts on the net, he has scanned them in to create a photo archive. Photos are presented as thumbnails. For a larger image, click on the image.

The archive is a dynamic area developed for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. These pages are an ever growing in both size and and participation. While a number of pages are either empty or only have a few photos now, there are a good supply slowly being scanned and added on a weekly basis. Numerous Land Rover enthusiasts have sent in photographs to Rod Steele for inclusion on these pages. If you are interested in contributing some photos to these pages, drop Rod a line at the email address below.

An 80" Land Rover in central Ontario
  1. Eighty Inch Land Rovers
  2. Eightysix Inch Land Rovers
Compiled by Rod Steele
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