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Land Rover Photo Archive - 86"

A variety of different NA Land Rovers

General: Series I 86"(1954-1956): The instrument panel is similar to a Series II or IIA, being a large rectangular panel in the centre of the dashboard. The doors on the 86" are not tapered like the 80", but are straight. There are no sills under the doors. The headlamp rims are body coloured. From the side, the bottom portion, behind the front tire, of the front wing is equal in length to the bottom portion, ahead of the rear tire, of the rear box.Photos are presented as thumbnails. For a larger image, click on the image.

1955 86 Rod Steele front left frame repair

1955 86 Rod Steele front top

1955 86 Rod Steele front left repair

1955 86 Rod Steele & Friend front view

Compiled by Rod Steele
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