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Ottawa Valley Land Rovers Newsletter

ISSN 1203 8237

Submitting photos for the OVLR Newsletter

Photo submission guidelines for the newsletter

Photographs should be sent directly to Terry King at the contact address listed in the newsletter. Please include captions and a return address with the photographs. If you don't want them back they will be sent to the newsletter editor and sent out to the various members pictured in the photographs.

Image submission guidelines for the Ottawa Valley Land Rovers Newsletter

If you wish to scan your photographs and submit them, the following guidelines will help insure that your images are scanned properly for use in the newsletter:Images must be:

  • Ideally they scanned images should be at 300 dpi Grayscale Saved as TIFF Scanned at full size. i.e. 4 x 6 prints should be 4 x 6 scans
  • Digital photos in jpgs should be at least 300dpi also
  • e-mailed to

the above guidelines will yield the approximate file sizes:

  • 3 x 5 image = 1.3 mb 4 x 6 image = 2 mb 8 x 8 image (cover) = 5.5 mb
  • Using LZW compression will further reduce these sizes.

Do not make the images smaller to reduce file size, images can be upsized no more than 20%, so if your image is 1 x 1, It can only be enlarged to 1 1/4 x 1 1/4.

Do NOT use other compression schemes, especially JPEG. JPEG is what is known as "lossy" compression, because it throws away data. Digital cameras are an exception to the above rule, as they can only record JPEG images.

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