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OVLR New Age Tips, Painting, Part 3 & 4 by Alan Pilgrim

When I launched this series (at the request of someone anonymous) I jokingly said "only if you will accept a 24 part series" little realising how much effort is actually expended to actually paint a Land Rover. OVLR will not regret having allowed me to make a contribution towards preserving a tradition that dates back to Robin Hood and Eric the Red... Thanks.

We spent an unusual amount of space in our first issue, to focus on the preparation so necessary to a successful project. But now we can tackle the meat and potatoes and start to get our hands working.

In this section, we will begin to focus more sharply on our objective, which is to protect our "Rover" from the elements. We'll need a broom, a dustpan, a garbage can, a small table (workmate with 3' x 3' Good One Side plywood will do ine), a garden hose, a rake, rubber boots, and finally we're ready.

First, let's anticipate a problem and resolve it now, before we become distracted. A large pitcher of lemonade, properly chilled, will be greatly appreciated once the frenzy commences. Far be it my intention to be overly critical, about commercial, prepackaged, canned or powered lemonade concentrates. Do let me assure you, that compromising certain values at this juncture would set the wrong standard in the coming Affair of the Heart.

If you have planned properly, the latest shipment of fresh produce should have arrived at your local food emporium, while you were shopping, yesterday.

Now here is a delightful revaluation just for you. Always bring a circuit tester with you to the emporium. A little known fact about fresh acidic fruits is that with two metal probles (one copper and one steel) two short pieces of #20 gauge 12 volt wire and a very low ohm light bulb, you can be assured of top quality lemons with which to concoct A Royal Pitcher. I get a real charge out of that!!! Simply shick the two probes into each lemon, 3 inches apart, connect (soldering) a wire to each probe and completing the circuit by touching both free wire ends to the light bulb. The brilliance of the bulb or connecting the circuit tester and measuring impedance, should guide you to choosing 20 or 30 lemons you will need, for world class lemonade. Having gone to this much bother, please do not use tap water as the fluide de choix. Only a clear mountain bottled liquid could possibly complement nature own. Do choose a coloured or porcelain container to hold this wonderful concoction and protect it against the harmful rays of the sun. I am unaware, sad to say, if porcelain containers, can be purchased, with a sun block formula or protection. I suggest you ask your chemist.

Finally we're ready to get down to business. Next issue we tackle the "raison d'etre and nothing gets in our way. By now, I had hoped to have a paint company who would sponsor this series of invaliable tips to our members. I do sense a jaded attitude of "laisser faire" among disinterested parties. Every effort will be expended to complete this series on the time even if it means going without. Well, I don't know about you, but I can hardly wait til next issue: Preparation and doing it!!!

Reprinted from the Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter, March, 1996


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