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Advertising in the OVLR Newsletter

Who are these people?!!!Guidelines

Ad cost: $105 per quarter (three issues at $35 per issue). Contact the Newletter Editor (Terry King) for any further details on payment et cetera.

Ad size: Quarter page; 3 5/8" (w) x 4 1/2" (h) only. Advertisements that are not this size will be scaled to fit

Ad run frequency: Advertising is only available on a quarterly basis or longer

Ad Copy requirements: No ad may be re-run within a 6 month period, different ad copy must be provided if the advertiser wishes to run another ad within that time period. Ads may be rejected for any reason OVLR sees fit. The advertiser has no choice as to placement of ad. OVLR will not to run multiple ads on a single page

Ad placement: Advertisements cannot be placed on pages 1 through 5, or the last page of the newsletter. Centerfolds in the newsletter will result in ads being displaced. Certain lengthy pre-prepared articles may also displace advertisements. The style of the newsletter really precludes the necessity of placing in specific areas, though requests that the ad appear in one major section will be entertained, though the final layout of an issue determines final placement.

Electronic formats: Files should be submitted electronically (via the Internet or by mail on a CD). Please contact the OVLR newsletter editor for format information.
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