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One of OVLR's many achievements has been its newsletter. When OVLR was formed in 1984, it was realised that unless a club keeps in regular contact with its membership in some physical sense, it risks failing. Keeping this in mind, it was put in the constitution of the club that OVLR would produce a monthly newsletter. OVLR is the only North American club to produce a monthly newsletter. Even more unique, is that OVLR has never missed a month in producing a newsletter (though the mailing date has managed to fall on nearly every day within a particular month... :-)) In many ways, the OVLR newsletter can be seen to be the successor the the ALROC Transfer Box which was printed between 1974 and 1989. ALROC's policy of encouraging the formation of regional clubs within Canada, and timing of the Transfer Box in 1983 directly lead to the establishment of OVLR and the newsletter

LRO Magazine, April 2001

Submitting material for publication

Articles may be submitted to the Editor, Terry King at the address listed in the most current newsletter or via post to the club address at P.O.Box 478, Carp, Ontario Canada, K0A 1I0. Electronically submitted material should preferably saved and sent as an RTF (Rich Text Format) document, though other formats are acceptable.

Should you wish to submit photographs or images to the newsletter, guidlines for submission can be found on this page:

Material from the Newsletter on the Web

Keeping with widely disseminating information, various portions of the newsletter have been transported to HTML and put up on the OVLR Web site. Over time, more and more articles, tidbits etc. will be transposed, though it must be recognised that a majority of the newsletter will not be so converted because of time and space limitations. Below is a selection of some material that has been converted.

  • Various writings of OVLR UK member Mike Rooth
  • Various writings of OVLR member Bill McLellan on acquiring a Land Rover
  • Various writings of OVLR member Robin Craig comprising his General Service column in the OVLR newsletter
  • Various writings of OVLR member Alan Richer that have appeared in the General Servicing section of the newsletter
  • A couple if indexes have been created of articles that have appeared in the OVLR newsletter. The indexes only cover major articles, not the plethora of smaller one paragraph snippets that have been published. Articles not covered imediately above can be accessed through the index pages.
  • For lack of a better spot, here is
    • an index of articles written about OVLR members and events in Land Rover Owner and Land Rover World magazines.
    • an index of articles written by OVLR members in Land Rover Owner magazine.
    • an index of articles written by OVLR members in Land Rover World magazine.
  • Various articles from the Newsletter


There have been six editors of the OVLR newsletter.

  • Mike McDermott was the editor for the first three years.
  • Neil Brewer followed Mike and edited the newsletter for 1987 and 1988.
  • Mike McDermott took over editting the newsletter from 1989 to 1992 after Neil moved to British Columbia.
  • David Meadows took over editing for 1993.
  • Dixon Kenner was the editor of the newsletter from January 1994 through to December 2001. In February 1996 Spencer Norcross took over all production and layout for the newsletter through May 2001.
  • Shannon Lee Mannion was appointed editor from December 2001 until October 2005
  • Terry King was appointed editor from November 2005 to Jan 2017 with some guest editors:
    • Dixon Kenner returned a guest editor in April, July and October 2006, April 2007, and August 2010.
    • Dixon Kenner was interim editor from June 2012 to December 2013
  • Dixon Kenner became editor in Feb 2017 onwards
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