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Simpler Thyme

Land Rover shaped natural soap as supplied to OVLR

Simpler Thyme® of Branchville, New Jersey has created some special Land Rover shaped handcrafted natural soap. Simpler Thyme® takes pride in the quality and purity of their handcrafted all natural herbal soap. Made the traditional way by hand in small 250 lb. batches.

Ingredients are carefully prepared, stirred and then poured into their custom molds to cure. After many days they are hand cut into log blocks and air dried. The log blocks are then cut into bars and allowed to cure once again until they are ready to be labeled with a simple recycled paper band. It can take up to one month from start to finished bar.

Soap making is not a new fad for Simpler Thyme®. They have been hand crafting and perfecting their formulas for many years. Their regional acceptance has motivated them to share their passion with the (Land Rover) world.

Starting with a simple cookie cutter to make Land Rover biscuits for a Christmas stocking stuffers for a friend's son, the idea of using a "land rover" mold for other things was born. With trim pieces of soap, Land Rover shaped soap appeared, and from here discerning Land Rover nutters took notice!

Since then, Simpler Thyme® has supplied handcrafted soap to the 17th OVLR Birthday Party (1999) where it was proven to be a big hit with the membership. Subsequently to this, this exclusive offer was been extended to the 18th Birthday Party (2000) as well as the OVLR presence at the British Invasion in 2000. Note: This soap is so good, one passing gentleman picked up a piece thinking it was a biscuit and took a big bite out of it!

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