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Jeff Berg

I frequently travel to Land Rover rallies, photographing and writing about my adventures as an agent provocateur for the Empire Rover Owners Society . I am a regular contributor to the Rovers North and OVLR Newsletters. My anecdotes and photos have been published in Land Rover Enthusiast, Land Rover World and Land Rover Owner International . When not Rovin' I can be often be found SCUBA diving or sailing. And I'm still looking for a smart woman in a real short skirt.

If you want to contact me email the address is .

Land Rover Articles on the Web

Latest Feature

Spring Break in Nova Scotia.Gerald Rudderman, Bruce Fowler and I attend the M.O.R.E. Annual General Meeting. (Photo gallery with captions.)

The Good Old Stuff

A look at Jeff's Land-Rover gives you a brief look at my vehicle and some of it's custom features. If you've ever been plagued with the need to know how to put a good set of speakers into a Series Land-Rover, these are the pages for you. They're also the first pages I ever did, so judge them with kindness.

My take on the 1995 Mid-Atlantic Land-Rover Rally contains some nice images. The text is rather weak because it was written too long after the event. This is a mistake I hope I won't repeat in the future.

Take My Pony To The Shore is a collaborative account of the 1997 R.O.V.E.R.S. event at the Assateauge Island National Seashore which is notable because it was the first EROS invasion. Personal highlite: meeting two beautiful women with confusingly similar names. Bill Caloccia did all of the HTML authoring, took most of the pictures, and contributed to the text.

My 1996 Ottawa Valley Land Rovers Birthday Party pages were supposed to be completed in the Fall of 1996. I was really worried that it would be time for the next Birthday Party before I finally finished. Fortunately, I beat that deadline.

So much fun you'll wet yourself: The 1997 OVLR Birthday Party. Once again, I went up to Ottawa to visit the OVLR gang--and lived to write about it.

Stop the Rover, I Want To Get Out is a"Comedy of Errors." Bill Caloccia is, once again, my collaborator on this project. Bill snapped the photos, authored the HTML, provided invaluable advice, and operated the floor jack.

Tuffy Box Installation is a quick and dirty Adobe Photoshop generated photo gallery. It's not a how-to--it just shows the final installation. (I know, I know--clean the truck.)

Mid-Atlantic Rallye 2000 Photo Gallery is another quick and dirty piece generated using Adobe Photoshop. These images are from my digtal camera.

Flight of the Vampire is a series of email messages sent from the road as I helped my friend Gerald drive his new toy, an ex-military Land-Rover radio van, across the country. Digital snapshots are also here--More to follow when the film is processed.

Print Media

Land Rover World, February 1996. Five of my photographs appear in the table of contents (p 6) andwithin the article on the ROAV Mid Atlantic Rally (pp 45, 47).

Land Rover World, September 1996. Jeff Meyer road along with me at the 13th Annual OVLR Birthday Party, wrote about, and decided to call me a nerd in the process.

Land Rover World, December 1996. Geeks of the world unite! (p 26) My Star Letter of the Month complaining about Jeff calling me a geek.

Land Rover World, February 1997. Jeff Meyer mentions me again in his article on the ROAV Mid Atlantic Rally (pp 68-71). Had I responded I'm sure this could have gone on for many more issues. Fortunately, we both decided there were better ways to spend our time.

Land Rover World, September 1997. FINSUP and I are featured in Jeff Meyer's article Motley Crew (pp92-97) covering our trip to the OVLR Birthday party and Downeast Rally. Unfortunately, the editors introduced some inaccuracies to Jeff's masterpiece.

The May 1988 issues of both (at that time)major Land Rover rags feature photographs of FINSUP. Land Rover Owner International features two photographs of my "battle scarred" beast from the last Mid-Atlantic Rally. Land Rover World has only one photo from the Maine Winter Romp, but they make up for it by calling me "notorious." Thanks to Kevin Girling (LRO), George Bull (LRW) and the editors of both magazines.

Land Rover Enthusiast, June 2001. Why I Love the Mid-Atlantic Rally (p 141)is my sentimental testimonial to "my first."

Helpful Files

Land Rover (Aeroparts) Capstan Winch Manual (PDF)

List of North American Hot-Dip Galvanizers (PDF)

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