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13th Annual Birthday Party

Silver Lake, Ontario

June 22 & 23, 1996


The FAX that I sent to LRW magazine.

I got so worked up about Meyer calling me a computer nerd in Land Rover World magazine that I immediately fired up my Power Macintosh 9500 and composed this letter. Since I couldn't find an email address for LRW, I used my Global Village FAX modem to transmit it directly off to England. The Editors decided to make it the Star Letter for December 1996 (p26), using the headline Geeks of the world, unite!

This proves that Gary Nunn was right when he sang I'll substantiate the rumor that the English sense of humor is drier than the Texas sand on Jerry Jeff Walker's CD Great Gonzos. (The song is London Homesick Blues.)

My literary efforts were overshadowed when the editors also decided to run a very small photograph of two topless women (p13) in the same issue. This caused a great deal of outrage and commentary about family values from Rover owners who've apparantly forgotten that a number of us first fell in love (with the vehicles of course) from photos in the pages of National Geogrpahic.

In his article on the ROAV Mid-Atlantic Land Rover Rally (LRW, February 1997 pp 68-71) Meyer has tossed the gauntlet again. I'm still working on a rebuttal. And to think some people think the publication is cliquish and full of inside jokes...


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