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Part Two: On the road (finally!)Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2001

A couple of newcomers to this list--Welcome!Our apologies to those of you tracking us on the Web site--we didn't actually leave Jerome, AR on Thursday as planned. Nor did we update our location as we should have--we hadn't made it to Pawtucket, RI as the site seemed to indicate. We were also forced to do manual updates today--and coverage was spotty. We hope to have the GPS automatically providing updates to the site tomorrow so stay tuned!Thursday was consumed by the installation of HAM and CB radios and antenna's.

(Roll mouse over image to see labels)

We also devised a rather clever method of providing power to these radios using the existing Radio power panel in the Vampire--but before we could do that we had to covert the power in that panel from 24 volts to the more common 12.

(Roll mouse over image to see labels)

And of course brackets had to be fabricated. Bob Rickard, the Vampire's previous owner, did most of the fabrication work and provided us with complete access to his home shop. By the time we completed these tasks it seemed wise to spend another night at the Rickard's (Thank you Bob and Jacqueline for putting up with us) Dinner last night was at Jerome's "Haunted Hamburger"--recommended if you're in the area. (The Flat Iron, where we ate lunch was also very good--try the black bean humus.)

We were on the road to Flagstaff by 7am. First stop, breakfast at Hennesey's and then off to Jiffy Lube for what was probably their most interesting fluid change of the day. We got a discount because they didn't get it done in the allotted 30 minutes. Or 60 minutes. They have gotten in under the 90 minute wire--but it was close. However the guys there were all real nice about it.

The Vampire rides much better on the highway then expected--I'm actually finding it to be more comfortable then my own Land-Rover. We seem to be able to cruise at 65mph most of the time. No AM/FM/Cassette, Gerald and I amuse ourselves through conversation and by chatting with the truckers on the CB--they're very curious about our camouflaged vehicle. So far we haven't had any success using the 2-meter HAM radio, but hopefully tomorrow we'll have better luck.

The weather has been wonderful for driving. Bright and sunny, yet cool enough that the driving the Vampire hasn't been a problem--the engine sits right underneath the cab and provides ample heat, and then some, to the passengers.

Dinner tonight was in Albuquerque--after one of my interesting run-in's with a local clerk asking about non-chain restaurants. Her recommendations were "Lottaburger, Chi-Chi's and Hooters." I guess she thought these were all unique to New Mexico. We ended up in an interesting combination of a nostalgic diner/tex-mex joint. Food was good and the other clientele was interesting.

After dinner we drove another few miles down the road and have holed up for the night at the Motel 6 in Moriarity, NM. (The clerk here has advised Gerald to apply for AARP--the discount is better then that available through my AAA membership.) We've got a 5:30 wake up call and are determined to be on the road with the rising sun.

I'll try to get some pictures posted next time. Until then--RoverOn!

Jeffrey A. Berg       Purple Shark Media          Rowayton, CT
You say you're gonna to get your act together Gonna take it out on the road
                           --John Hiatt, Memphis in the Meantime

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Photos and Text Copyright 2001, Jeffrey A. Berg




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