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Authors Note:

This site currently consists of a series of email messages I sent to a small group of friends during the trip and some of the digital photos I tool along the way. When the film comes back from the lab I will consider expanding the site and cleaning up the text--but for the moment what you see are my dispatches in the exact form they were sent (save for the addition of photos.) Typos and all... As always, I welcome your comments...


Part One: What's that boy up to now? Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Hello one and all. I owe a number of you phone calls or personal emails--but they'll have to wait another week or so. On my way home from my driving trip to/from Colorado last week, I received an interesting offer via mail--namely the opportunity to help a friend drive his new ex-Military 101 Forward Control "Vampire" home from Arizona. To see the Vampire.

I fly out tomorrow and we start driving sometime Thursday--after performing some maintenance chores and installing ham and CB radios. Through the combined miracles of Global Postioning System (GPS), the Amatuer Radio Service (HAM) and the Web you'll be able to track our progress at this Web site.

Gerald, my partner in this misadventure, needs to be home in order to leave for Turkey on the 25th so we'll be pushing hard. I'll try to check in from time-to-time from the road--depends on where we stop along the way. Notes of encouragement--or disbelief--are welcome. Also, this is a secret mission. Gerald wants to surprise certain members of the Land-Rover community with his new toy--So mum's the word! (This applies more to some then to others...)



Jeffrey A. Berg       Purple Shark Media          Rowayton, CT
You say you're gonna to get your act together
Gonna take it out on the road
      --John Hiatt, Memphis in the Meantime

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Photos and Text Copyright 2001, Jeffrey A. Berg






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