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OVLR Challenge Crossword No. 2000-1, March, 2000

The rules are simple. Send in you completed Crossword Puzzle to Fred Joyce, c/o OVLR, POB 36055, 1318 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Y 4V3. The person with the highest number of correct answers will win a US$200 gift certificate from Rovers North of Westford, Vermont. Second place wins US $100.00 and Third place gets US$50. Sadly, only members of OVLR are eligible for a prize!

There are two ways to play -

  1. Print this page, or
  2. Play on-line or off with the Across Lite program.

Download Across Lite Now Click here to download Across Lite. This is a one-time download and a simple, two-minute install. Enjoy interactive crossword puzzles on-line or off.

© M. Jackson 1999


Across 1. Source for genuine Land Rover parts (6,5)
6. Abbreviation pertaining to an 88" (1,1,1)
8. A carburetor adjustment (4,5)
10. Hydraulic clutch cylinder adjective (5)
11. Shock absorber mounting points (4)
12. Slangy adjective for dashboard light (5)
13. Common off-road souvenir (4)
16. Electrical system component (5)
17. Royal sobriquet for Mr. Lucas (6)
21. Adjective for bearing or carburetor valve (6)
22. Austin's first 4x4 vehicle (5)
26. Name seen on front-mounted accessory (4)
27. Source for "Die Hard" batteries (5)
28. Surname on 2000 OVLR Executive list (4)
31. Alternative to new Land Rover purchase (5)
32. Term for engine chugging with ignition off (9)
33. Destination for original parts seekers (8,7)
1. Adjective for serious off-roader's air intake (6)
2. It's found in our name (6)
3. Seen on non-galvanized chassis (4)
4. Items found in "FFR" Land Rovers (6)
5. Ominous tire sound (4)
6. Series III flat-front variant; "____ V-8" (5,3)
7. Item atop Series oil filler or valve cover (8)
9. Piston ring specification (3,3)
14. Petroleum product for your battery terminals (5)
15. Brake components for Ringo (5)
18. Winter accessory for your Land Rover (4,4)
19. Tire warning devices (4,4)
20. Word seen on ammeter (6)
23. Item connected to some gauges (6)
24. Name on some tiny Land Rovers (6)
25. The "W" in GVW rating (6)
29. Photojournalist Meyer's given name (4)
30. Item in differential or transfer case (4)

Note: While some of the clues may seem obscure, there are none that cannot be answered if you have read recent editions of the monthly newsletter. All of the "club specific" answers appear somewhere and are actually pretty obvious! In addition to OVLR's crosswords, Murray Jackson creates the Motor-Cross™ automotive crossword puzzle and the Motor Mania automotive pop quiz. These features cover all things automotive including old & new car models, automotive history, service & repair terminology, TV & movie cars and automotive personalities. Murray's features are published in the weekly automotive sections of a growing number of Canadian and U.S. newspapers. Previously-published features can be enjoyed in the Games Room at These features are updated weekly so return often to test your automotive knowledge.

Click here or visit www.motor-cross.CA for information about adding Motor-Cross or Motor Mania to your publication or to purchase Motor-Cross ~ Volume 1, a compilation of Motor-Cross crosswords.

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