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OVLR Challenge Crossword 2000

Following 1998 and 1999's successful Challenge Crossword, Rovers North has decided to sponsor this competition. There will be four puzzles in this years challenge. The rules are simple. Send in you completed Crossword Puzzle to Fred Joyce, c/o OVLR, POB 36055, 1318 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Y 4V3. The person with the highest number of correct answers will win a US$200 gift certificate from Rovers North of Westford Vermont. Second place wins US$100.00 and Third place gets US$50. Sadly, only members of OVLR are eligible for a prize! Note: Solutions for 2000 will be made available after the competition closes.

Puzzles in the 2000 Rovers North Crossword Challenge Puzzles from the 1999 Atlantic-British Crossword Challenge
Puzzles from the 1998 Atlantic-British Crossword Challenge

Murray has also written several automotive related articles for various publications. One of them was on the past Fifty Years of Land Rover

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