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Articles By Mike Rooth

Signals from Ships

> > Flag to shore base:
> > Time of origin;10.15
> > Begins;
> > Send Admiral's woman forthwith.
> > Ends.
> > 
> > Flag to shore base:
> > Time of origin;10.17
> > Begins;
> > Regards my 10.15:         
> > Insert washer between Admiral and woman.
> > Ends.

Genuine signal,Hong Kong station just pre war.There is(or was) a superb book of "scrap log" signals like this.

For instance,HMS Warspite was busy bombarding a shore target in WW11. Norway,I think.An HM Armed Trawler puffed busily up to the battleship and signalled
"Do you require assistance?"
"Piss off".

Another one:

Admiralty to escort destroyer Mid-Atlantic
"Commence hostilities against Japan"

Destroyer to Admiralty
"Permission to finish breakfast first?"

Actually,Nicholas Monsarrat got this signal while he was 1st Lieut in a corvette.Captain phoned him on the bridge and said
"Number one,commence hostilities etc..."
"Aye aye sir,port fifteen,revs for twelve knots"


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