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Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter, April, 1994

by Robin Craig

G'day folks spring is finally with us, maybe we'll see some Land Rovers on the road. Dale Desprey went to the British Car Clubs darts match in town a few weeks ago. He reports that not one British vehicle was in the parking lot. Shows how much faith you all have in your machines eh?

The April edition of Petersens Off Road and Four wheel drive has three articles on Land Rover products. A nice little article on the US Team Camel Trophy selection process, accompanied by some nice colour pictures. In addition there is material on the new Range Rover and the new Discovery.

I was talking to Southam tires in the UK the other day and was enlightened as to how the tires for the North American spec 90 were arrived at. Apparently Southam supply a lot of tires to major utility companies in the UK. They had been asking for something to reduce lessen the vehicles footprint as they were trying to "tread lightly" off road. Changing the tyres, they felt should go along way to doing that. The tires offered were a BF Goodrich product which worked well and reduced damage. Somehow Land Rover were made aware of this and they are now standard fitment for the NA 90.

As a rule Land Rover Canada launch their new models along with their US counterparts at a combined event in the US. Not so this year with the launch of the Discovery. Apparently it will be held sometime soon in the spring . More news later.

If you were looking for a way to get rid of some extra cash have I got an idea for you! Transport of Delight in the Uk have just released a 1/48th scale lightweight Land Rover in cast resin. The vehicle is towing a ground power unit as is meant to be made to depict a vehicle used by the Royal Air Force aerobatic team the Red Arrows. The unmade model can be yours for a mere 47 UK pounds. If you are not up to making it yourself they will, for a fee make it for you and paint it as well, then it comes out to something in the 85 pound range! Don't forget you will have to add shipping and handling on top of that. Transport of Delight are at PO BOX 130, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3FS, England.

Did you know that Lorne Brown, the owner of the Canadian tire store at the corner of Blair and Ogilvy roads in Gloucester is a Range Rover owner? Apparently it is a Long wheel base one. All I have ever seen is a green streak as he drives by! Never long enough for a full examination.

Ed at Hat Salvage (1-403-529-0740) has a number of what he thinks are 109's in the yard. he reports that he has "rear ends and front ends", presumably front and rear axles available. Also in stock are a number of transmissions and engines, obviously he cant vouch for their condition. There are also a couple of "pretty straight and clean frames" available as well. If you call him tell him that you saw it in the club newsletter.

Now for a couple of requests. Does anyone have my book on the history of vehicle recovery in the British Army? If so would you give me a shout and I'll come over and collect it. Second up, do any of you own any broken series three grilles that you want to get rid off?. I will gladly come and remove them or pay you to mail them in. I have a need for a few of them as long as the badge portion is still intact. Don't ask what for, its complicated!

There have been a number of people who, over time asked me if I can source parts for the military trailers. Most have been after the towing eye and shaft and ancillary brake pieces. I know one of those people was Bob Wood, would the rest of you give me a call and let me know what it is that you wanted.

That's all for this month......... Robin Craig 613 738 7880

Reprinted from the Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter, April 1994
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