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OVLR General Service

by Robin Craig

Back in 1994, Robin Craig restarted an occasional column that he wrote for the OVLR newsletter. Called General Service, originally referring to news on the military Land Rover front, the column dealt with news and rumours coming from Land Rover in the UK as well as bits and pieces on Land Rover toys, books in print, and other assorted subjects. The titles below reflect the main item being discussed.

Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter, 1994

Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter, 1995

  1. January: General news and rumours
  2. February: Phantom military surplus LRs, book review "Modern Military LRs 1971-94"
  3. March: Book review: "Unbeatable 4x4
  4. April: General news and rumours
  5. May: General news and rumours, No cheap LR for Canada
  6. June: General news and rumours, Illtis replacement
  7. July: General news and rumours
Reprinted from the Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter, 1994


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