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As can be seen on the OVLR newsletter page, members of the club are a busy bunch, writing, repairing, and generally having fun. Here is a selection of articles and web pages written by, or about, various members:

"How many fingers am I holding up?"

Various writings, newsletter articles of OVLR members:

  • UK member Mike Rooth on many assorted topics. Mike writes a regular series of Friday Stories in the newsletter discussing the trials and tribulations of Land Rover ownership. Mike has also written extensively on steam and other topics held dear by some members
  • Boston, Massachusetts member Alan Richer that have appeared in the General Servicing section of the newsletter
  • Bishops Mills, Ontario member Bill McLellan on acquiring a Land Rover
  • Ottawa member Robin Craig comprising his General Service column in the OVLR newsletter
  • Killarney? Is that some kind of a beer? by Christian Szpilfogel [October, 1996]
  • Spencer Norcross spins a yarn about the mechanical reliability of his first Land Rover
  • Bill Callocia details Dixon Kenner's idea of "Maintenance"

Various OVLR member web pages

Magazine Articles

  • An index of articles written about OVLR members and events in Land Rover Owner and Land Rover World magazines
  • An index of articles written by OVLR members in Land Rover Owner magazine
  • An index of articles written by OVLR members in Land Rover World magazine
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