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OVLR in the News - Index of Land Rover World articles

Many people will not have seen a copy of the OVLR newsletter discussing its members and activities, but may still be curious about the club. Not to fear, the club has caught the attention of various editors over the years. This table comprises an index of articles and various small sections written by OVLR members that have appeared in Land Rover World magazine.

Land Rover related articles published in Land Rover World by OVLR members
Title Author Month Page
The Maine attraction (Downeast Rally) Jeff Aronson/Eric Zipkin Oct 95 48-49
Going Loco (Mid-Atlantic Rally) Sandy Grice/Jeff Berg Feb 96 44-47
One man and his dog Jeff Meyer Apr 96 69-75
Snow Ball (Winter Romp 96) Jeff Aronson/Jeff Meyer May 96 15
One man and his dog Jeff Meyer May 96 70-75
Back to the future Jeff Meyer Aug 96 26-29
The birthday party (13th Birthday party) Jeff Meyer Sept 96 24-29
The Maine event (Downeast Rally) Jeff Meyer Oct 96 30-34
A comedy of errors Jeff Meyer Dec 96 70-77
Night and Day (1996 Mid-Atlantic Rally) Jeff Meyer February 1997 Pg 68-71
Change of Address Ben Smith March 1997 Pg 28-29
Slaughterhouse IV Jeff Meyer March 1997 Pg 18-25
The Odyssey, part 1 Jeff Meyer April 1997 Pg 22-27
And here's the internet again (Club News) Spencer Norcross May 1997 Pg 146
The Odyssey, part 2 Jeff Meyer May 1997 Pg 28-35
The Odyssey, Part 3 Jeff Meyer June 1997 Pg 88-93
Romp! (Maine Winter Romp) Jeff Meyer June 1997 Pg 28-33
The Odyssey, part 4 Jeff Meyer July 1997 Pg 30-35
The Odyssey, part 5 Jeff Meyer August 1997 Pg 66-71
Motley Crew (Birthday Party/Downeast Rally) Jeff Meyer September 1997 Pg 92-97
The Odyssey, part 6 Jeff Meyer September 1997 Pg 68-73


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