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OVLR in the News - Index

Many people will not have seen a copy of the OVLR newsletter discussing its members and activities, but may still be curious about the club. Not to fear, the club has caught the attention of various editors over the years. This table comprises an index of articles and various small sections that have mentioned or discussed OVLR, its members and/or events that appeared in either Land Rover Owner or Land Rover World magazines. The two subsequent tables cover articles written by OVLR members for these magazines.

Magazine Title Catagory Month Page
Land Rover Owner Surfing in the USA Over There (Kevin Girling) Sept 97 21
Land Rover World Motley Crew (Jeff Meyer) Article - 14th Birthday Party Sept 97 92-97
Land Rover Owner Dam Good Fun (Kevin Girling) Club news - 14th Birthday Party July 97 164-165
Land Rover Owner 9th Downeast Rally Club News Summer 97 142
Land Rover Owner Over there Legend on the Net (Mr. Dixon) Over There (Kevin Girling) June 97 15
Land Rover Owner Herbert Rides Again (Bob Morrison) Article - Herbert Zipkin & his SII 109 June 97 100-103
Land Rover World Newshound Club World Wide June 97 147
Land Rover World Uh oh, its the Canadians Club World Wide May 97 155
Land Rover World Moral Majority (Mike Rooth) Letters March 97 27
Land Rover World Change of Address (Ben Smith) Letters March 97 28-29
Land Rover Owner Saved, our Series IIA (Trevor Easton) Letters March 97 23
Land Rover Owner Life In Canada (Dennis Baldwin) Letters Feb 97 20
Land Rover World Not US Club World Wide Feb 97 141
Land Rover World Chilling Out (Dixon Kenner) Letters Jan 97 24
Land Rover World Crashing the Party - British Invasion VT News (has photo of Moke) Jan 97 12
Land Rover World Geeks of the World, Unite! (Jeff Berg) Letters Dec 96 26
Land Rover World Loughborant (Mike Rooth) Letters Nov 96 21
Land Rover World Et Finalmente Club News Nov 96 141
Land Rover Owner Birthday Bash for Ottawa Valley Club Club News Nov 96 129
Land Rover World Doing the Can Can Club News Sept 96 141
Land Rover World Ottawa Valley 13th Bithday event Jeff Meyer Sept 96 24-29
Land Rover Owner Getting Well Oiled Together Club News Feb 96 170
Land Rover Owner Food Trailer Absent Club News Nov 95 183
Land Rover World Distant Rumblings Club News Oct 95 133
Land Rover World Key Fobbed Club News July 95 141
Land Rover Owner Sticky Fingers Club News July 95 204
Land Rover World See Maples and Die Club News July 95 121
Land Rover World Back to Basics Club News May 95 121
Land Rover Owner On the Net (Pierre Keteridge) Letters April 95 38
Land Rover Owner New President Club News April 95 184
Land Rover World Wife Swapping Club News April 95 141
Land Rover Owner Just the Job (John Cranfield) Letters March 95 43
Land Rover Owner Candian Lugnuts Club News Feb 95 192
Land Rover World Clubs North America Jan 95 110
Land Rover World Clubs North America Dec 94 111
Land Rover Owner Canada Catering Club News Nov 94 198
Land Rover World Clubs Rest of the World Nov 94 111
Land Rover Owner Club Review: Ottawa Valley Land Rovers Club News Oct 94 217
Land Rover World The 11th Annual OVLR Birthday Party Club News Oct 94 111
Land Rover World Trevor Easton Letters Oct 94 21
Land Rover Owner Overseas Clubs Club News Sept 94 220
Land Rover World North of the Border Club News Sept 94 108
Land Rover World Stateside (Steve Denis Photo) Club News Aug 94 106
Land Rover World Canada Club News July 94 107


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