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The Great OVLR British Invasion

TourOntario - New England 1999 Background:

As one of the recent Executive meetings the thought occurred, why not invade Stowe and the USA in the form of a tour. Looking back in history, we thought 1776 could be termed a minor set back in the long view of things and since we have had sufficient time to regroup, it is time to have another go at it. Although we do not plan to burn the White House or anything as drastic as that, we do plan to have fun and visit OVLR members that reside in the thirteen colonies and vicinity, in fact we hope you will join us for all or part of the toru to the British Invasion in Stowe The Event:The preliminary plan goes like this, we plan to leave Ottawa, 11 September and arrive in Stowe for the British Invasion on 17 September. Exactly how we plan to get to Stowe has not been decided, but in general we plan to go through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine to Portland, then south through Portsmouth, somewhere near Boston, then back inland to Stowe and the British Invasion.When:This event is planned to run from September 11th through to the British Invasion starting on September 17th Reservations/RSVP:Cost:Activities:Getting There:If you have any ideas about the route and what we can see, please let us know, so we can make an interesting and challenging tour. We are looking for back woods off-road trails along the way.Maps will be provided on different routes to each night's stop, all that will be required is arriving at some pre-set time for evening libations and supper. We intend to select overnight stops where full china and a roof over your head is available along with camping. Breakfast and supper is on the club Expedition trailer.

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