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The 18th OVLR Birthday party

Silver Lake, Ontario, June 22-24 2001


For 53 years, since the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948, Land-Rover's products have served the world and are still hailed as masters of rough terrain travel. OVLR celebrates its 18th Birthday since that fateful day when local members of the Association of Land Rover Owners of Canada established a local chapter. The Birthday Party is a rather unique event, different from many of your average rallies as seen in articles written for Land Rover World and Land Rover Owner magazines.

The Event:

The 18th Birthday party is being organized and hosted by the oldest and largest Land Rover club in Canada, Ottawa Valley Land Rovers. Members from the Empire Rover Owners Society and the Upper Canada Land Rover Association are also in attendance for both their logistical and entertainment support. The event will be held near Silver Lake, Ontario, because of the geographical location being central to the bulk of OVLR regional members as well as having some diverse terrain upon which to host the event. (bedrock, cedars swamp, and mud). Silver Lake is located about sixty miles west of Ottawa on Highway 7.

People with an interest in Land Rovers will be coming from Quebec and Ontario and the northeastern United States to participate in activities and share ideas, experiences and yarns. The event is open to all Land Rover Products - Land Rover, Range Rovers and Discoverys. Owners of Rover cars and other vehicle makes are most welcome to attend and participate in the spirit of the event. However, certain activities will be only for Land Rovers (i.e. RTV Trials, Land Rover displays.) You do not have to be a member of any club to attend and participate in the event; however, because of insurance requirements you must be a member of OVLR to drive on the off-road.

For information on past Birthday Party's go to the Past Events pages where write-ups on the 12th, 13th, and 14th Birthday Party's are covered by various OVLR members. The 16th Birthday Party was attended by approximately 75 Land Rovers and more than 160 people, while the 17th topped 90 vehicles and 180 people.


The Birthday Party is traditionally held on the third weekend of June (around the Summer Solstice). This year it will be held from Friday June 22rd through to Sunday, June 24th.


It may be a good idea to plan ahead, so book your holidays now! It could be that trips to and from the event would be organized by members lasting several days. In the past, members have taken a week off to do a double header of the Birthday Party on one weekend, then traveling from Silver Lake to Camden, Maine for the annual Downeast Land-Rover Rally (information on this rally can be found elsewhere in the newsletter)

Registration Fee and Costs

  • Various fees, costs associated with the Birthday Party can be found here as well as the REGISTRATION FORM

    Arrival and Activities

  • Full program of activities will be provided at the event, however, the basic details of each activity can be found here

    Rules and Regulations

  • Yes, Virginia, every event has them and here are the Birthday Party rules & regulations.


    There are a variety of accommodation options available:

    Getting There
  • Directions and a map for finding Silver Lake
  • Weather/rain/cloud cover at Silver Lake today

    Suggestions for a "Must Have List"

  • A list of items that we strongly suggest you pack along when you come up to the Birthday Party.

    Contact Numbers

    Event Coordinator: Christine Rose
    Registration Coordinator: David Meadows
    Postal Address: OVLR, POB 36055, 1318 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4V3
    If lost while getting there: Phone 268-2162 (Deacon's residence on site)

    Contacts In Case of Emergency

    What should you do?

    • Contribute ideas now. - Let your friends know of the event. - Volunteer to help with any organizing requirements - either at or prior to the event. - Participate in all facets of the event. - Bring your vehicle and show it off. - Meet and talk to other Land Rover enthusiasts. - Renew acquaintances. CELEBRATE AND ENJOY!!
    • To REGISTER you must complete the enclosed entry form. Additional copies are available from Ottawa Valley land (by post, fax or internet)

    More Information

    More information will be available in future issues of the newsletter, or the club Internet site at For more information now, ask one of the organizing committee members listed at the bottom of this page.


    Ben "The Road is my bride" Smith has declared that he might be driving from Texas to attend the Birthday Party in a 101FC. We believe that the lure is half a can of Jolt and a stale cookie (but beer will make him happy). John Hong and Alan Richer plan to have preliminary jousting matches over the coveted DorkTari Award. Everyone will be measuring up for the Lugnut Award, while Desperate Dale will be chasing Unimogs and 101's in his Range Rover.

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