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The 19th OVLR Birthday Party T-Shirt Contest

Silver Lake, Ontario, 2002 The OVLR Birthday Party is only a few months away. What a great time to hold the Birthday Party DESIGN-a-T-SHIRT contest! Sharpen your pencils, get out those brushes, tweak those pictures and create the T-shirt design for our second Birthday Party of the new millennium. The winning artist will receive a US$100 gift certificate from Atlantic British Ltd., several free T-shirts and the pleasure of seeing a hundred or so people wearing their designs.18th Birthday Party Design-a-T-Shirt winner Designs should be for the T-shirt back. Funny photographs are encouraged. Incorporate your ideas on:
  • Off-roading
  • Birthday Party social life
  • Land Rovers in general
  • Any Land-Rover theme that you can dream up!
Please remember, people of all ages will be wearing these shirts, so keep these ideas clean!17th Birthday Party Design-a-T-Shirt winner T-Shirt designs MUST be submitted in one of the following formats:
  • PhotoShop, Paintshop Pro, CorelDraw, or other compatible high resolution computer format (minimum 300 dpi).
  • Black & white, or colour line drawings
  • Photographs with captions
  • Other camera ready artwork
All non-computer format submissions must be submitted on white 11"x11" to 11"x17" matt finish drawing paper in a rigid (non-folding) package. Please do not submit negatives with any photographs. If the selected submission is a photograph, we will notify the winner and request the negatives.All designs must be received by May 22nd, 2002. The winner will be selected by your Executive by the end of May. The winner will be awarded their prizes at the Birthday Party on Sunday June 23rd. In addition, each person attending the Birthday Party and paying their Registration fees will be entitled to one T-shirt with the winning design. Additional T-shirts will be sold on-site for a nominal fee. Submit your designs by mail to:

T-Shirt Contest
Ottawa Valley Land Rovers
P.O. Box 36055
1318 Wellington Street
Otatwa, Ontario, K1Y 4V3 Canada

Or submit by email to:

Questions? Please contact
Christine Rose

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