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 Arrival and Activities

Full program of activities will be provided at the event, however, the basic details of each activity are as follows:


On your arrival at Silver Lake, you will need to register yourself and your vehicle at the Official Registration Point on the Event Site (look for the sighs). You will be issued with your vehicle identification, a program and other information. Event clothing, T-shirts, vests, grille badges, pins, key fobs, etc. will be on sale throughout the weekend near the OVLR Trailer


The first groups of people start to arrive at the Provincial Park and at the site

Food: You are own you own for food. You can either bring your own or eat at either the restaurant across the road from the Provincial Park, or at the Motel up the road, between the site and the Park.


  • Participants arrive. There are no organized activities and everyone looks after their own meals.
  • The registration desk will be open after 4pm. It will be located near the club Expedition/Kitchen trailer. Please be sure to sign in and pick up the event package


  • Breakfast is available at either Ben Barbary (the restaurant across from Silver Lake Provincial Park) or at the Silver Lake Motel for those people who wish to purchase their breakfast there. Otherwise you are on your own.
  • 7am The first trailblazers who are keen for off-roading begin to gather at the site. When the first seven vehicles have assembled, at whatever time, they will depart.
  • 9am Registration opens at the Expedition Trailer on the Birthday Party site.
  • 9 am The first light off-road group (of max. fifteen (15) vehicles) leaves. This group will be more for those people who have been to the Birthday Party before and know how to drive off-road. First aid kits and fire extinguishers are recommended for each vehicle. Helmets should be worn by children. Children are not permitted on the heavy off-road course. -
  • 9am - 10am If the club can find a volunteer, there may be an introductory course for those who are not familiar with all the levers in their vehicles (modern or old), and some basic rules for driving off-road. This will be for the complete neophyte who wants to learn, it is not for people who have driven off-road before.
  • 10am The second light off-road group leaves from the site. First aid kits and fire extinguishers are recommended for each vehicle. Helmets should be worn by children.
  • 11am The third light off-road group leaves from the site. First aid kits and fire extinguishers are recommended for each vehicle. Helmets should be worn by children.
  • 1 - 2pm - Lunch You are responsible for your own lunch.
  • 2pm - Scruiteneering for the heavy off-road. Pre-registration for the this event is required.
  • 2pm - 4pm - RTV
  • 2:30pm - Heavy off-road. It is recommended that vehicles have a winch that works.
  • 2:30pm - Light off-road
  • 3:30pm - Light off-road
  • 7pm - 8pm - Dinner at the Expedition Trailer. Dinner will be provided by OVLR. The day will close with a social evening. Get to know fellow Rover enthusiasts.
  • 8pm on - Social, party etc.
  • all day - Swap meet for those interested in bringing up used parts to sell, pawn off, or trade.
  • 8am - Tim Horton's Coffee will be available at the Club Trailer by roughly eight o'clock in the morning, unless some adventurous individual gets the coffee rolling earlier. Once people are fully awake, a continental breakfast will be available at the Club Trailer for all registrants.
  • 9am - Light off-road
  • 11 am sharp - Auction of Land Rover accessories generously donated by many of our sponsors!
  • 12pm approx - Lunch (you are on you own)
  • 1:30 - Mud bog and light off-road. Extract Dale and Zippy

Food in general

OVLR will be supplying the full traditional Saturday dinner. A continental breakfast on Sunday will be provided by the club. All other meals are the responsibility of the individual. Campers on site can cook their own meals on cook stoves. No open fires are allowed at the event campsite. Those staying at the Provincial Park, open fires are allowed in prescribed locations. There are also a number of outside restaurants in the area where you could go for meals if you are so inclined. The two closest restaurants are Ben Barbary's across from the Provincial Park and the Silver Lake Motel.

4WD and 2WD Trips (light and heavy off-road trails)

There are a number of forest trails and roads available in the surrounding countryside where you can green-lane to your hearts content. As some portions of the light off-road may be on public roads, all vehicles going on the off-road must be plated and carry valid insurance.

Please note vehicles going off-road will be subject to scrutineering prior to leaving.

RTV Trials

There will be a proper, for real, formal, UK-style trials course set up. Only road-taxed vehicles may enter. Prior to competing, all vehicles must undergo scrutineering and get a course marshal to sign-off on the rally card. There will be a number of stages where you must maneuver your vehicle through a series of canes without touching them. Points are deducted for each cane touched. Vehicles will be divided by class and age. OVLR will be using the rules established by the Association of North American Rover Clubs (ANARC). Where there is a difference between American and Canadian rules, the Canadian rules shall apply. RTV rules are available upon request. Prizes will be awarded to the top participants.


In the past, Rovers North, Atlantic British, MiniMan and numerous others have all generously supported OVLR by donating items for the club to auction off at a club auction, normally held Sunday morning.

The following vendors generously supplied items for the 2001 auction:
  • Atlantic British of Mechanicsville, New York sent up quite a few items, tune-up kits etcetera.
  • Classic Garage of Bedford New York sent up some items
  • Land Rover Magazine sent some items
  • Land Rover Owner magazine sent up some items.
  • Simpler Thyme of Branchville, New Jersey sent up a lot of Land Rover shaped soap for the registrants at the event.
  • Rovers North of Westford Vermont sent a number of items
  • Land Rover Ottawa sent a number of items
  • Wise Owl of Vancouver British Columbia sent a number of items
  • If vendors wish to send up flyers, catalogues etc, OVLR sets aside an area where these items can be distributed to attendees.

    Swap Meet

    While there are no vendors at the Birthday Party, individuals can bring items that they may wish to sell or swap. However, they are responsible for taking any unsold or untraded items off the property with them at the close of the event.

    The swap meet portion of the Birthday Party is strictly non-commercial in nature. In the past various members and attendees have brought items to either sell or swap with other participants. While this is encouraged, there is only one basic rule. If you bring something to sell or swap, and it doesn't, you have to take it back home with you.

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