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Rules & Regulations
  • Please leave your camp site cleaner that when you arrived. We have provided a garbage bag with your registration package. Please use your garbage bag, recycling and garbage collection is available at the OVLR Trailer
    • Although dogs are permitted, it must be clearly understood that they must be on a leash at all times and a minimum of twenty five (25) feet away from the Club Trailer. If you are planning on off-roading do remember it is not courteous to tie your beloved pet to a tree and leave him barking for the afternoon. This said:
    • Dogs are discouraged for a number of reasons including heat, barking, and not being permitted on any of the off-road courses (who will take care of it if you go?). Dogs must be kept on a short leash at all times.
    • We ask that your dog does not accompany you to the kitchen trailer area during cooking or meal times. They must be kept at least twenty five (25) feet away from the trailer at all times.
    Open fires at the event site are strictly prohibited
    We recommend that all children wear a helmet on the light off-road
    Children under ten (10) years of age are not permitted on the heavy off-road event.
    Some off-road events traverse public roads. You are reminded, the consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads is prohibited in Ontario. OVLR supports the responsible use of alcohol - Drive Safely
  • OVLR reserves the right to deny access to its off-road courses by vehicles which in the opinion of its scrutineers are unfit for off-road use or not properly equipped to participate in off-road events.
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