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Suggestions for a "Must Have List"

A list of items that we strongly suggest you pack along when you come up to the Birthday Party.

  • Bug spray. Especially if you are considering camping out at the Birthday Party site. Depending on the year, the bugs can be annoying.
  • Lawn chair. Yes, it is nice to be able to sit as there are few places besides the ground to sit on at the Provincial Park, or the Birthday Party site.
  • Sun block. If it is sunny and hot out, you will get sunburned. Rain gear. If it isn't sunny, it may be raining, and appropriate clothing would be very useful to have in tow, just in case.
  • Rubber or heavy boots. There can be a lot of mud out in the forest. These wil keep your feet from filling with the stuff.
  • Helmets for the children. We highly recommend that it you have children that you bring a bicycle helmet for them to wear on the off-road trips. The vehicle do bounce around a lot and they can get a good crack on the head.
  • Money. For either registration, to buy club or swap meet items, refreshments, ice et cetera.
  • Generic camping gear. If you are not staying in the motel.
  • Swimming and beach stuff. There is a beach in the provincial park. For those not staying in the Park, just west of the site, on the highway, there is a rest area on Silver Lake. You can go swimming there too. Snacks and Refreshments.
  • Water, etc. for when you are on the various off-road trips. Remember, some of these trips could be hours long depending on conditions. [Note: Some of the trails use public roads. OVLR does not condone drinking alcohol while travelling in vehicles. Be responsible, and be prepared.]
  • Cooler and Ice. To keep those refreshments cold. {There is ice available at the restaurant/gas station across from the Provincial Park.]
  • Camera, film!
  • Batteries. Spares for your flashlight and any other battery operated toys you might bring along.
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