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Getting There

[eastern Ontario map]

Most people will make their own way to and from the event. However, some members will be planning convoys to and from the event (we know how reliable some of the older vehicles are). Check with members local to you to see what might be happening.

  • Locally (Ottawa Area)
  • Traditionally, the Westgate Shopping Mall at the corner of Carling Avenue and Merivale Avenue is used on the Saturday morning, departure at 9am. From Ottawa and Area: Follow Highway 7 through Carleton Place, past Perth to Silver Lake.

    However, as this even has grown significantly over the past several years, there are members getting together and leaving in waves on Thursday and Friday too. Telephone some of the local members to see if they know of different groups leaving at various times, or attend the Social gathering (assuming it is before the Birthday Party)

  • From Toronto and points west of Kingston:

    Take Highway 401 until you get to the exit for Highway 37. Follow Highway 37 north until you reach Highway 7. Go east along Highway 7 until you reach Silver Lake

    Note: Some from points west of Kingston may find the drive a lot more enjoyable if you go and get onto Highway 7 a lot sooner. The 401 is a bit of a rqcetrack with a lot of semi-trailers moving at great speed (averages at least 70mph which is a bit more than many of these Land Rovers) Highway 7 is much more sedate and relaxing.

  • From points South:

    From points west of the Adirondacks - Take Interstate 81 to the Canadian border. Take Highway 401 to exit 645. Go north along Highway 32. #32 turns into Highway 15. Follow 15 north to Crosby. Follow #42 west towards Newboro/W estport. From Westport, follow #36 to Highway 7. Go west to Silver Lake.

    From points east of the Adirondacks, people have found it convenient to cross at Cornwall and follow 401 west. If you are down in the New York City area, it is best to skip going up the Hudson and go over through Utica etc. to 81 and take 81 up. (Yes, to places like Boston 81 and that way can be faster depending on bridge construction in Montreal

  • You know you're at the Birthday Party site when:

    The property entrance is at the Lanark/Frontenac county boundary: Thus, if you are coming from the east, you will see a large sign that says "FRONTENAC". Turn left and follow the small road. If you are coming from the west, you will see a large sign that says "LANARK". Turn right and follow the small road.

    The Birthday Party site is about a mile west of Silver Lake Provincial Park. The motel is in between the Birthday Party site and the Provincial Park on the south side of the highway

  • Maps
    • Here is an image of a map of eastern Ontario / western Quebec and northern New York State with the Birthday party location marked. BPdirection.jpeg (270k) .
    • Here is a second map zooming more in towards the Birthday Party location at Silver Lake - BPdirections2.jpg (153k)
    • The 1:50,000 map produced by Natural Resources Canada that covers the Silver Lake area is: SHARBOT LAKE - 31 C/15. The map is in its fifth edition. If you would like a copy, you can order one from World of Maps, 1235 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ont. Canada. K1Y 3A3. Tel 1-800-214-8524. Fax 1-800-897-9969. Web is
    • Adobe Acrobat PDF's of the GPS maps and waypoints of the main trails. There is a 8.5x11 version and a 11x17 version.
    • The third file is an excel printout of the waypoints marked on the maps
    • silverlakemap8x11.PDF
    • silverlakemap11x17.PDF
    • silverlakewpt.PDF
    • Area Map

Contact Numbers:

Event Coordinator: Christine Rose
Registration Coordinator: David Meadows
Postal Address: OVLR, POB 36055, 1318 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4V3
If lost while getting there: Phone 268-2162 (Deacon's residence on site)

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