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In Case of Emergency

  • First aid kit is located at the OVLR Trailer Fire Extinguisher is located at the OVLR Trailer The Expedition Trailer CB Radio operates on Channel 1
  • Important Telephone numbers:
    • Ambulance: 267-7777 Hospital: 267-1500 (Great War Memorial Hospital, Perth) Fire Service - Maberly - 268-2053 Fire Service - Westport - 273-1234 Police Emergency - 1-888-310-1122 / Cell Phone *OPP (*677) Po9lice (Non-Emergency) - 267-6780
    • Emergency Telephone service is available at the OVLR Trailer

Some Contact Numbers

Event Co-ordinator: Christine Rose
Registration Co-ordinator: David Meadows
Postal Address: OVLR, POB 36055, 1318 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4V3
If lost while getting there: Phone 268-2162 (Deacon's residence on site)

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