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Changes to the OVLR Inc. By-Laws

In the early 1980's, when OVLR was founded, it was as a small organization that served as a mutual support group and undertook short off-road trips. It was a chapter of a larger organization, the Association of Land Rover Owners of Canada (ALROC). Over time, ALROC has faded away and OVLR has grown to fill many of ALROC's functions. As OVLR has passed two hundred and fifty members, some members recently got together and looked at how OVLR actually operates, as opposed to how the by-laws say responsibilities are assigned. Proposals arising from this review were submitted to the Executive and approved for discussion and voting at the Christmas Party. Because of these proposed changes, nominations for Executive positions opened at the Christmas Party and closed on December 15th. Ballots were be mailed out to all voting members. They were returned by the AGM on January 13th. The changes passed unanimously

The following table portrays current responsibilities, as per the by-laws, and proposed responsibilities.

Position (1984 - 98)Status Position (1999 - ) Status
PresidentElectedPresident Elected
Vice PresidentElectedPast President Elected previous year
TreasurerElectedSecretary-Treasurer Appointed
SecretaryElectedMembership Secretary Appointed
Events Co-ordinatorInformalEvents Coordinator Elected
Off-road Co-ordinatorInformalOff-road Coordinator Elected
Executive Member at Large Elected
Merchandising Co-ordinatorInformalMerchandising Coordinator Appointed
Club EquipmentDistributedClub Equipment Officer Appointed
EditorAppointedEditor Appointed
Returning OfficerAppointedReturning Officer Appointed
AuditorAppointedAuditor Appointed
MarshalM. JacksonMarshal M. Jackson


An explanation of positions that change, are broken up or are created - ("Officers" section of the By-laws)President - Portions of the President's responsibility would be passed to specific Coordinators who would take direct responsibility for various aspects of the club operation. The President would have the added responsibility of representing t he club on such inter-club bodies as the Association of North American Rover Clubs.Vice President - The Vice-President position is the one effected the most. Basically, the proposal is to break up the Vice President position. Currently it is an ill-defined position. By definition, it supports the President and is responsible for Events. However, the President really does not need the support of another member who might be new to the position. The other portion of the VP position is Events. Events are a large and important part of the Club. However, how the VP deals with events is ill-defined. Currently, specific event Coordinators are appointed by the Executive, leaving the VP with little to do at times.

Out of the VP Position, four positions will be created. They are:

- Past President - The portion of VP responsibilities which pertains to supporting the President will be transferred to the Past President position. The Past President will be able to guide, give advice, or assist the President as he undertakes his responsibilities.- Events Coordinator - As Events can be a large and onerous load because of the myriad activities now occurring, the Events Coordinator position would deal with Events proper, not the off-road portions. This person would be responsible for the overall coordination and running of large "family oriented" events such as the Maple Syrup Rally, the Birthday Party, and the Christmas Party.- Off-road Coordinator - An Off-road Coordinator would be responsible for all greenlaning, off-road events and RTV Trials that the club would undertake. This would include everything from jaunts to LaRose Forest to the light off-road/RTV Trials at the Birthday Party.

- Executive Member at Large - A proposed position that would allow for new members to learn the ropes, assist the other Executive in undertaking their tasks.

Secretary - The Secretary currently has the responsibility for handling the membership list as well as all correspondence for the club. With two hundred plus members, this is becoming a burdensome task. Most clubs which exceed one hundred members ers have broken the Secretary position into two positions, one of which is a Membership Secretary. As this can result in a lighter workload for the Secretary, the position will be combined with the Treasurer position.

- Secretary-Treasurer - This person would combine the Treasurer position with the correspondence portion of the Secretary's position. Because of reporting requirements arising from the incorporation of OVLR, this would be an appointed position for a term of two years.

- Membership Secretary - This person would be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date membership database. The incumbent would provide up-to-date copies of the phone list to the Executive at every Executive meeting. The incumbent would also supply the newsletter Editor with either pre-printed addressed envelopes for the newsletter or would supply the necessary mailing labels on a monthly basis.

Merchandising Coordinator - Appointed. With the growth in sales of club goods, one individual should be given responsibility for running the "Club Store". This person would ensure that the club has an appropriate inventory of soft goods (clothing, hats etc) and hard goods (grille badges, pins, key fobs etc). This person would encourage the development of new items in response to membership demand and would be responsible for goods distribution, inventory control and reporting to the Executive on a monthly basis.Club Equipment Officer - Appointed. With the growth of club assets, at least those that we wish to preserve for various reasons, someone should have responsibility for the Club trailer and for keeping track of the location of club assets. While e the bulk of club assets reside in the trailer, other smaller assets are distributed around, thus formal provision should be made for the club to assign this responsibility to someone. (Note: This position already exists informally)

Positions that do not change -

Returning Officer - Appointed position. Generally appointed by the Executive in the Fall prior to the annual elections of the Executive.Auditor - Appointed position. Nominated from the floor and appointed by the membership at the Annual General Meeting in January.

Editor - Appointed position. Nominated by the Executive, approved by the membership at an Annual General Meeting

Marshall - Murray Jackson. How could we even consider changing this!

Other Proposed Changes to the By-Laws

  1. Board of Directors, part one. "Directors shall not simultaneously hold office in any other Land Rover organization" In light of OVLR's membership in the Association of North American Rover Clubs, and the requirement that member clubs will appoint one of their members to the ANARC Board of Directors, this line will be dropped.Amendment of By-Laws. Add to the by-law "Notice of changes in the By-laws, their wording and effect, must be made within the Newsletter at least two months prior to the changes being voted upon by the membership at a meeting duly called for the purpose of considering such changes."
  2. Numerous grammatical and spelling changes to make them legible. In some places, some of the wording doesn't make too much sense. (Give Bruce Ricker a call if you would like a copy of the By-laws with all of the spelling and grammatical changes. If you have internet access, the current by-laws can be found at
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