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OVLR @ the British Invasion, 2001

The British Invasion saw a much lighter LR turn-out this year (six LR's initially registered, more on the field later on of course). In fact, much lighter turn out overall. LR turn-out was light enough that Chris Francis (event co-chair) was giving an apology for the lack of an RTV etc. and how it was all really not their fault (of course, not sending out registrations to any Canadian LR people doesn't count...).

I understand somewhere on the Rovers North site is their version of events over the demise of the RTV course (could not find it last night) Ben Smith made it up late Saturday afternoon in the 101 with powered trailer. Mike Malone walking through the rows of cars spies a new Land Rover that has arrived: (paraphrased) "I saw that a 101 had pulled in. So I went over to look at it. It was beat up but still perfectly serviceable. And I knew it had to belong to one of my friends." Knowing that there was going to be a much reduced LR presence at Stowe this year, the club opted to only bring down the extra tentage. Setting up in the center of the show field (Hey, Land Rovers were in the center this year, not off to one side and in the back!) OVLR again had more "presence" than any other club at the British Invasion. The tent provided lovely cover from the sun, and was a convenient play to gather and enjoy the show! OVLR again centralized many of their members in a house near to the show field. This proved to be advantageous to some who seemed to have regular starting problems and always seem to draw a crowd whenever their troubles become more widely known! The crowd in the house included: Eric Riston & Kera, Jeff Berg, Bill Caloccia, Mike Malone (No Quintin, he was at some dance) & friend Mark, Ted & Christine Rose, Kevin Willey, Bill O'Hara, Bruce Fowler. Jeff Aronson also made it over from VinylHaven. Much beer consumed, hot tub used, plus a little rum, single malt, Drambuie.

The "People's Choice Awards" While we were all sitting around listening to the People's Choice Awards being given out, they get to the D90 bunch (Think it was the D90, could have been one of the two RR's there). Francis & Gaetano read off this chap's name. He get's up to go forward for his first place award and yells over that this is great and that he has "just joined Ottawa Valley Land Rovers too!" Jeff Berg pipes up and yells back "You shouldn't have said that because now you won't win first place next year". That got a lot of laughs from the assembled LR bunch, and some rather dirty looks from the organizers.

Dixon's BGB came in second with the People's Choice award, despite a strong initiative by all there on the field to get people to vote the BGB best Series LR. However, we suspect that Chris Francis's statement "We have disqualified any vehicle that we feel does not deserve an award because it is dirty " etc. (paraphrased) We think that the fix might be in, especially as four or five of the Rovers lined up were all sporting the number of the BGB, including Jeff Aronson's prototype Freelander Convertible (read rusty white MGB parked next to the BGB) The meet "gift"? One of those fold out chairs that have become popular of late.

OVLR had the white tent from the club trailer set up so the event rules that stated that alcohol consumption could only happen under the white tent was technically accurate for us to. Club picked up Saturday lunch and dinner (big spaghetti affair like last year, sauce by Bruce, salad by Christine & others). Dixon managed to get everyone's attention Saturday morning whilst backing up and missing one large tree across the street from the house. He managed to flatted the left rear lamp cage when he hit another tree at a great rate of knots. Jeff, who was doing fine after an evening of over indulgence, got his hangover and headache back instantly.

Other than that? Ben's petrol tank on the 101 leaks at an amazing rate, but not fast enough to keep him and the powered trailer from the show.

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