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OVLR @ the British Invasion Song

One Night In Stowe
(to the tune of "One Night in Bangkok" from "Chess")

[note: this is in memory of camping in the state park near Stowe, VT, during the British Invasion in something like 1997. First verse by Al Richer; the remaining ones by Dick Joltes]

One night in Stowe can make a hard man humble,
A tent between you and the cold, you see.
I've got frostbite on my balls you mumble,
That bit of flesh no longer works, you see.

I can feel the bears a'sidling up to me...

One tent's very like another
When your nuts have shattered in pieces, brother.

It's a bear! it's a dog! it's really just a squirrel
If you're looking for the head it's over by the shower.

Bugger that!
I've had five "Old Milwaukees" and this bush is much handier.
Ya seen one outdoor can ya seen 'em all.

Fresh air, cold and sweet
You should get up and go and work out, see?

Get Jock'd! You're talking to a sinner
Who's every thought's of his next dinner

I leave my pounds around my waistline, sunshine.

One night in Stowe will make your bridgework chatter
Not much between the frost and me, you see
One night in Stowe and you're as mad as a hatter
Can't be too careful in the woods and trees

I can feel the bears a'walking next to me.

Stowe town's gonna be the witness
To the ultimate test of Rover fitness
It grips me more to watch muddy old Finsup
Wade through a river and maybe go tits-up

I see that Dixon's bought his
Latest attempt at engine enhancement
I cannot watch, I cannot manage
To see him start it and do all that damage

So we'll go back to our garages, our welders
Our bumping hammers...

One night in Stowe can make your valve train clatter
It's just too cold for British iron, and me
One night in Stowe and watch your oil splatter
Don't park your car atop a nest of bees

Don't think about the bears a'lurking in the weeds.

From the September 2001 OVLR Newsletter
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