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Maple Syrup Rally 2002

April 7th, Shawville, Quebec, 2002


Spring is a wonderful time of year. When the days warm up, the sap starts to flow. The great tradition of maple sugaring is a great way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Maple syrup is a natural and very unique product. It is only made in Eastern Canada and the US northeast from the sap of sugar maple and black maple trees. As Spring approaches, sugar makers take to maple forests (sugarbushs) to tap maple trees. A drill is used to make a small hole from which the tree sap flows in the warmth of the day. The sap is collected and brought back to camp to be boiled. The water is driven off and the sap thickens to a sweeter maple syrup.

For the past fifteen years, members of OVLR have been celebrating the coming of Spring with gathering at Vern Fairhead's sugar bush in Shawville Quebec during the maple sap run. The event offers people an excuse to get their Land Rover out from under that snow bank and blow the cobwebs out.

This year's activities:
  • Brunch: There was the traditional breakfast of french toast, sausage, homemade baked beans from Grandma Lousie's secret recipe.

  • Making maple syrup: The participatory side of the event. To appreciate the fresh maple syrup you have with your breakfast, members are encouraged to help by making it! The traditional gathering of sap from the trees. Vern is operating a sugar shack where the sap is boiled down to fresh maple syrup.

  • Exploring the Sugarbush: Step into the great outdoors and take a walk through the sugarbush. Trek through the sugarbush and see the sap running and be sure to tour some of the other trails in the neighbourhood. This year saw a new record. Out after sunset...
Images from the 15th Maple Syrup Rally
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