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Frame Oiler 2000

Ottawa, Ontario 2000

by Shannon Lee Mannion

Wet and soggy. Add oily to this and it's no wonder anyone in their right mind would venture out. However, numerous intrepid drivers and their much-abused and maligned trucks showed up at Kanata Collision to do the dirty deed. You'd think we were going to put someone's poor truck down, speaking like this. Well, if Dixon's truck had been there, we might have, just to put the BGB out of it's heart-rending misery. As it turned out, Roy Bailie and Jerry Dowell did a great job setting up the site and chef Dave Meadows arrived with the most sumptuous chile and French bread, I mean, it was a wonderful event. Must say, Jay Wood stayed with the compressor so long, it was under discussion that he was doing the inside of his vehicle as well as every little nook and cranny of the outside. There was a new guy there, new to me, in a balaclava. Kevin, he said his name was. I don't know, could have been a bank robber who dropped by to see if he could get his Land Rover done on the cheap. Mid-morning saw our newest member, Wendy Gilmour oiling her right-hand drive defender. It was obvious, to me, the only other girls (!) ^Ñmidst all those boys, in the club who oils my, well you know, whatever happens to be parked in the driveway first, that no one had the foresight to mention to Wendy to coat herself in plastic sheeting, head to toe, and it may be moot, but her clothing were taking a beating, uh, oiling. Recall the time I had to throw everything away, including underwear and shoes, and had to crop my hair (OK, I'm entering into hyperbole here), well, poor Wendy, it's a wonder she came to the social the Monday after the oiler and didn't have a brick-bat to bop her new-found OVLR friends. Honey, call Christine Rose or me and we'll fill you in on the drill. Now, who was there? A couple new members in Discos, and, wonders of all wonders, a former el president himself, Yves Fortin. So good to see his green LR with the yellow racing stripes, but alas, he came late and did not undress to put on his coveralls in front of me, like last time, so I didn't get a chance to see as much of him as I wanted. O, hush my mouth, I thought this was a truck club! Loved seeing Jay Wood again, G. I. Jay, I call him. It's the fatigues and camouflaged gear. And, of course, he came with his WLD CLD or is that RGH RDE or, what's that he calls his truck? He almost crushed my hand in his robust hand-shake and I had to beg for mercy. ^ÑYes, Ma'am,' he immediately obeyed. Love those army guys!

Kevin Willey was there wearing matched footwear and saying that this was the easiest event he'd ever organized! Martin Rothman came and went, ditto Ted Rose, while Gordon Bernius oiled his Wolwo Stn Wgn and my Beater Benz got the oily goods smeared everywhere (exhaust delete) and Fred Joyce was a tremendous help throughout the day. Many others were there and then not there, and some pretended to not be there, Andrew Finlayson!, and alas, Dixon's BGB did not make the event....How fortuitous. We would have had to shoot it if it'd dragged itself in, poor thing.

From the November 2000 Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter
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