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The 1997 OVLR Birthday Party

Russel chooses Beer over Crack
The Birthday Party was held on the weekend of 20 to 22 June, 1997 again near Silver Lake. It was reported that 44 Land Rovers showed up, the grand majority of which were Series. (3 Range Rovers, 2 Discoveries, 2 101 FCs and a Stage 1 were present).

Here are some photos from the event, courtesy of Russell Dushin:

Nigel in a beaver pond (Russell Dushin's SII 88)
Smoke Show (In attempting to cross a mud pit on the heavy off-road a lot of steam was given off)
Stuck 101 FC (Dave Lowe's 101 in the mud hole--next time use the Diff lock Dave
Assisting a stuck 88 (pushing Murphy (a SIII 88) through a nearby mudhole)
Winching (Murphy winches an 88 out of the mud hole)

Jeff Berg's account of the Birthday Party



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