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Birthday Greetings from the Ottawa Valley

All of the Rovers present at the event. (And 
a hidden Land Crusier too!)

Water over the Dam!

Safely through the pond our intrepid band makes its way towards lunch. There's just one small obstacle to cross. . .

Having moved up near the front of the group, FINSUP made it straight through the beaver dam. However as more cars moved through the obstacle it became more difficult. Some people passed through easily while others had problems. Especially after the water broke through the dam. A winch truck was put in place to lend a helping hand. One of the 101FC's had a lot of trouble caused by an ignition problem. Once again, H 2 O gave Dave Bobeck some trouble. His front license tag fell off and quickly washed downstream, never to be seen again.

Series III at the Beaver Dam The Beaver Dam proved to be one of the more interesting obstacles on the light offroad course.
This 101 Forward Control had to be winched through the rushing water. 101FC being winched
Jeff Meyer, Action Photographer Jeff Meyer hard at work for Land Rover World . I shouldn't have trusted him. He once again played me for the fool in print. To be fair, Jeff's original article was accurate. It was primarily due to the editing and captioning that I came off looking silly. Thanks Alan Kidd, I appreciate it. Hope we see you here next year.
Zippy, who had finally crawled out of his tent, put on quite a show by getting a little stuck, spinning his Rover V-8 powered tyres and throwing up huge plumes of water. I didn't quite get that on film Zip. Could you do it again? Always willing to help, Eric complied.
Yellow Series IIa at the Beaver Dam This pretty yellow Series truck didn't seem to have any problems with the beaver dam. Maybe it's a 2.25 thang. . .

We headed back to camp and the lunch that was waiting for us at the OVLR kitchen trailer. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know who to thank for the preparation, but it was most appreciated. After lunch we lined up all of the vehicles (including two Japanese impostors who had successfully completed the light offroad!) for the group photo which you see at the top of the page. Then a people/vehicle photo was taken for Land Rover Owner International magazine. Finally, the members and vehicles of the Time Warp Overland team posed for a team photo.

The Time Warp Overland is an event for people who think that the Camel Trophy should emphasize driving and mechanical skill over athleticism. They're also not big fans of coil springs, roll-up windows or air conditioning and heat. According to their press release, these guys are taking the vehicles you see here to Mongolia to tag along behind the Camel Trophy Teams. Good luck boys! Time Warp Overland Challenge Team Photo

Now it was time for the heavy offroad. This year it consisted of moving the vehicles through a mud bog. Jeff and I decided to drive to the edge of the bog so that we could snap some photos. Off we went. We watched the driving/pushing/winching operation as long as the mosquitoes would allow us, but soon we decided to head back to the dragonfly seeded camp. (Dragonflies feast on mosquitoes so the base camp was thankfully bug free during daylight hours.)

Lightweight in the bog

This Lightweight is just entering the bog on the heavy offroad course . . .

.  . . Meanwhile, the RoverWebMasters, Dixon Kenner and Ben Smith, decide to skip the heavy offroad, choosing instead to relax in the shade of the kitchen trailer.

Dixon and Ben take a break

The offroad courses safely behind us, it was time for more shenannigans .


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