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Separated at Birth?


Green Beastie and Churchill­both
with a screw loose

This is the photo that Al Richer doesn't want you to see, a side-by-side comparison of the left-rear wheel of Al's Churchill with that of Dixon Kenner's Green Beastie. Both trucks have the same flaw, but I won't tell you what it is. You'll just have to go nuts looking for it.

You'll find this coincedence more entertaining if you know something about the personalities involved. As you might guess from studying these pictures, the Rovers involved are owned by two very different types of people. Al, the result of mating a machinist to a construction engineer, is meticulous about vehicle maintenece. He's been known to chide people about reusing lock washers. Dixon's approach is somewhat more laid back­he washes out oil filters and reuses them. The rumors that last year Al spent more money on lock washers than Dixon did on his entire Rover aren't quite true. However, I did recently find enough Canadian money... loose change which had fallen behind my dashboard... to make up the difference.

As different as these guys and their Rovers are, they're both one stud short of a full hub...

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