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Help, Awards, Humour

As with any event, there are certain individuals whose efforts outshine the rest, for a variety of reasons. In that vein, thanks go to a number of people who organised the Birthday Party and ensured that it came off so well:

  • Al and Spencer cook Al Pilgrim ran the kitchen with an iron fist and managed to feed the assembled masses quickly with some of the best meals that we have seen come out of the club trailer. Al was assisted by Lynda & Richard Wegner, Joyce & Dave Meadows, Christine Rose and Roger Sinisohn. Mike McDermott finished off Bob Wood's trailer roof design in time for the Birthday Party (and it was needed on Sunday!)
  • Christine Rose organised and obtained all of the food, went out and got the range of high quality clothing and hats that were available at the Party, collected money and made sure things ran smoothly. (Our President went on vacation, well actually on a week long Land Rover training course in Maryland during the week leading up to the Birthday Party, leaving Christine to organise it all.)
  • Jason Dowell acted as the general co-ordinator for the off-road events and as the general organiser. Jason was assisted by Dave Vermette on the off-road courses. Dave also kept the water flowing into the campsite and helped Al and Christine out when they needed anything done.
  • Yves Fortin, Mark Hamil and Nancy C. handled the very essential porta-potty details.
  • Thanks particularly must go to Mrs. Deacon for allowing us to use the property and, yes, not only are we are invited back next year, but we are invited back this Labour Day weekend to do it all again (although you must fend for yourself with food, etc.).

In terms of Awards for people doing heroic, or really, er, different things, recognition has to go to:

  • Ben Smith who drove his Series III from southern California, making a short side trip to visit new OVLR member Roy Caldwell in Montana to pick up a case of Ale in lieu of attendence (Honourable mention goes to Roger Sinisohn for flying from San Francisco to come to the Birthday Party).
  • Bill Maloney for being the first person to get stuck on the LIGHT off-road. Somehow he managed to fit fifteen feet of log under his Land Rover.
  • The worst tent erection went to Peter Gaby who laboured with it for 45 minutes before he called for help.
  • Heavy off-road prehistoric mating rituals were displayed by Tom Tollefson when he ran into Dave Lowe's 101 with his 101 FC.
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