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The 2002 OVLR Birthday Party

Timshel gets painted
Bruce Fowler's Timshel gets a new coat of paint!

The 19th Birthday Party took place on the Summer Solstice weekend of June and drew in the usual large crowd of Land-Rover enthusiasts from around Ontario, Quebec and the American north-east. While last year's Birthday Party could be said to be the year of the Series One 80", this year the most common unique Land-Rover was the 101 Forward Control, with six examples appearing, covering nearly every variant.

As usual, the participants split their camping and partying between two locations. The event site itself where people camped amongst the bugs, dragonflies, sounds of nature and a short trip to morning coffee and the Expedition Trailer. Silver Lake Provincial Park were OVLR traditionally takes over the western (Dawson) portion of the Park where more modern facilities as well as a beach & swimming is possible. We will just ignore those softies in the Silver Lake Motel.

Greatest distance travelled goes to Russ Wilson this year. Russ flew all over the country on stand-by to reach the Party. Russ could be seen sporting Canadian headgear after a bet on the outcome of the Olympic hockey gold medal went drastically wrong. Ben Smith only drove from New Jersey this year, though it will tke years for someone to beat out his accumulated mileage record.

Several clubs participated. Team Daphne came, lead by Daphne himself. Surprisingly he didn't embarrass himself too much, though some did wonder where his 101 was. And he didn't even get a 101 stuck. That was left to Tom Toleffson to show that even the mighty Unimog can get into trouble. The Fort Pitt LRC drove up from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, lead by their leader, Jon Humphries, along with Scooter and others. Finally members from the Toronto Area Rover Club came.

The RTV was organised by Robin Craig this year. The competition was divided into thee classes, 80", 86-88", and 109 and greater. The four way tie for the 80" class was solved by a particularly nasty method. Remove & replace the rear tire on a Freelander blindfolded. Andrew Finlayson, a LR mechanic, handily won. The other winners were ...

An auction was held Sunday morning. Atlantic British, Rovers North, ... all donated items for the auction, though the most popular items turned out to be 109" chassis blueprints donated by Lori Sickley.

This page references known sites and pages of photos or accounts of the 19th Birthday Party. Below you will find a collection of various pages, photos, and other material taken, as well as a list of event sponsors and those people who helped make this event possible.

Those who made the Birthday Party possible

Chief organiser:
Christine Rose
Lenora Dowell, Dave Meadows, Christine Rose
Christine Rose
Harry Bligh, ...
Head Chef - Bruce Fowler. Helpers: Francois Kiroac, Bill Rice, Alan Richer
Kevin Wiley, Rino Granito, ...
Louis Philipe-Gelinas, assisted by Christine Rose, Kevin Wiley
Auction Sponsors:
- Tim Horton's Sunday breakfast, muffins, donuts, & coffee!
- ABP: tshirts, gift certificates, toys, other items
- RoversNorth
- Trekoutfitters
- Land Rover Enthusiast magazine
- Land Rover Ottawa
- Keystone
- Robin Craig
- Trevor Easton
- Lori Sickley 109 chassis blueprints
Various members
Robin Craig & others
Trailer Set-up:
Fred Joyce, other helpers
Trailer take down:
Trailer towing:
Jerry Dowell
Harry Bligh for extra tentage


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