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Scott Wickham's account

Scott WichamRR's and getting ready.

Ok, I've decided. I'm taking Lucy to the BP. I finally got the starter back Thurs. The guy put in a new armature, bushings, and brushes. It worked for one day last week so I took it back. This time was much better. Put it in, turn key, hit button, zoom! Alright! Out for a test drive to get more supplies for BP. Para cord at the local Army surplus, new BDU pants, hat. Two exits on the turn pike and Lucy's ready to over heat. Pull over to let her cool. Back to the garage. Around town is a little hot but, on the highway is where she's getting real hot. Dad say's it's clogged. Borrow temp gun off another garage friend of ours and shoot the outside of the rad. Left side hot, right side 40F cooler. Out comes the rad. Off to the rad shop Monday morning and hopefully back in Monday night. On to some wiring. I would like to kick the person who invented Scotch-Locks. There everywhere! But, I was warned of this when I bought the truck. Things have been working intermittently for awhile but has been getting worse. No interior lights, hit the horn (which makes no noise) and I loose power to the cigar lighter, wipers working when they want to. Off to Advanced Auto for a 4 fuse block and wire it in. Wow! Things are working.

A few more things to install, CB, GPS, cell phone, and I'm ready for Calabogie. Mounted limb risers and my Camel Trophy sign on the front of the roof rack. I cut out a piece of 1/4" steel plate and stuck it to that. That won't bend when I drag a branch across it! Hopefully Lucy will be ready with 24 hours to spare before departure. Now where did put my border crossing kit? (fake ID, 8 cases of beer, and a small card that say's "I wasn't convicted of anything, ever")

A Little Later

Turns out I couldn't take my RR up to Canada. All packed up, half way to Courtney's house and she starts running on 4 cylinders. To make a long story short, I tried this and that to no avail. We went in Courtney's '89 RR. Still had a great time riding in other folks Rovers, met new people, got bit by mosquitoes, drank beer, got muddy, had a ton of fun! Just tonight I got Lucy running like new. It was either the fuel pump or the clogged filter on the pickup tube in the tank. Pulled the tank tonight, pitched the filter away and put other filters elsewhere. New pump too. I'm ready for Canada now! It's never over in a Rover...


Scott C. Wickham Jr. Pgh. Pa.
'72 88" (secretly disguised as a IIa)
'84 Range Rover
Fort Pitt Land Rover Group
Zebra Club Member #2
Birmabright Brotherhood member

From the July 2001 OVLR Newsletter
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