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OVLR - 33rd Annual General Meeting

January 27th, 6:30pm


Traditionally held on the darkest, coldest night of the year, though last year we missed by two days. It was positively tropical in the -30c's. The AGM is where the results of the elections are announced following the collection of any last minute ballots. The club membership gets to decide the future direction of the club, as well as confirm several appointed positions that exist within the club.


The club membership will meet to -

Start off with reports from the various officers of the Corporation.

  • The President will summarise the events of the past year, from the Maple Syrup Rally, through to the Birthday Party, to the Calabogie runs, the British Retreat, Frame Oiler and finally, the Christmas Party. The Events Coordinator will discuss the larger events, where things could be improved in the future, what was successful in the past year. The Off-road Coordinator will report on local off-roading events, trail closures, etc.
  • The Secretary-Treasurer will give an account of the Corporation finances, where monies were received, where they were expended during the past year. The Auditor will be available to comment on the previous years books. The President will present the 2013 financial statements.
  • The Returning Officer collects any last minute ballots, then announces the new Executive. review the events of the past year discuss any plans for the forthcoming year
  • appoint people into the positions of Secretary-Treasurer, Auditor, Returning Officer, Club Equipment Officer and Editor. (Marshal is a lifetime appointment)

When & where

Wednesday, January 27th at 6:30 pm. It will be held at Whispers Pub, 249 Richmond Road, Westboro, Ottawa on the second floor.


For those wishing a more formal looking agenda...


  • Reading and approval of the minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting


  1. President's Report (including status of the new Federal incorporations Act, Health of the club, other assorted highlights of the year)
  2. Events Co-ordinator's Report (summary of the year's events, proposals for next year)
  3. Off-road Co-ordinator's Report (summary of off-roading events, successes such as Opeongo et al)
  4. Editor's Report (summary of the past year's newsletter and challenges for the coming year)
  5. Archivist's Report (status of the club archives, inclusive of the process to put past issues of club newsletter on-line for reference)
  6. Secretary-Treasurer's Report (summary of the club's s finances)
  7. Auditor's Report (How well the Secretary Treasurer has done this past year)
  8. Elections (President, Events, Off-road co-ordinators, & Member-at-large) and Appointments (ratifications for the long list of various non-elected positions: Secretary-Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Website, Equipment, Archivist, Marshal Emeritus, Returning Officer, Merchandising, Auditor)

Bar Break

New Business

  • 2016 Events
  • Appointment of Auditor Appointment of Returning Officer
  • Business from the floor

Motion to Adjourn

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