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OVLR Handy Rover Tip #422: Keeping push-pull cables working

by Alan Richer

If you have a winch or other external item that uses push-pull cables, there's an easy way to keep them from rusting out and sticking.

Get some shrink tubing of the proper size to fit over the housing, and trim it to fit. Remove the inner core of the cable, and fill the housing with grease (a needle injecor works nicely). Reinsert the center, and catch the grease coming out when you do so. Smear the waste grease over the outside of the housing, ancd cover with the tubing.

This made a heckuva difference on my winch cables - they don't bind, and there's no possibility of their rusting out.

Reprinted from the Ottawa Valley Land Rovers newsletter, March, 1996



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